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Rob Jensen (Travelling Businessman and Movie Fan)
On-the-Go Professional Who Prefers Movies and TV on his PC

After working with with movie and TV download sites for a few years, I know what makes a good Movie Download Site, and I know what separates the good sites from the poor ones. In this evolving industry there is such a variance in quality it becomes very important to choose the site that really works. 

As a traveling businessman, I don't have time to stop and rent the latest movie. Being on the road most of the time means that I need my movies on the go. To help I have turned to Movie and TV download sites that allow you to watch you favorite shows or movies right on your PC. These services allow me to pay a small fee and download as many movies or shows as I want. The thing with these sites is that there is such a huge variation in quality that it makes it difficult to choose the right one. With that, let's first talk about what these sites are and what they are not.

First, a movie download site is NOT the answer to get all of the latest blockbuster movies. Some of them will have most of the newer movies available, but they won't have them all of them.

Second, NOT everyone needs a movie or TV download site. If you don't have high speed Internet you'll have trouble using one anyway. 

Third, a movie  and  TV download site is a great way to get your favorite movies, music, or TV shows for only the cost of a small yearly or monthly membership fee. 

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the right download service you will be wasting both your time and your money. The good services will get you the content you want quickly. With the poorer services though, you'll be lucky to find any of the content you want.

To help I, along with a few friends, took the time to evaluate the top Movie and TV download sites on the web today. We based our evaluations on the following criteria:

  • Availability of the Latest Movies - Were we able to download the newest movies with the software?
  • Availability of the Latest TV Shows - Could we get episodes of our favorite TV shows?
  • Music Downloads - Most of these sites also provide music downloads. Were we able to find the music that we enjoy?
  • Quality of the Content - Was the content that we downloaded of high enough quality to provide clear, crisp pictures if we burned the content to DVD and watched it on the TV.
  • Speed of Downloads - Once we found what we wanted, did it download quickly? 
  • Ease of Use - Was the software that the site provided simple to use? Did it make it simple for us to find what we wanted?
  • Extras- The best sites also provide extras such as CD/DVD burning software, and other tools. 
  • Overall Rating - Based on all of the above criteria, we gave each tool an overall rating.
To evaluate each site we simply performed searches to find what we wanted. We searched for new movies, old movies, TV shows, music, and in some cases even software. Once we found what we wanted we then worked to download and evaluate the content itself.

The clear winner from our evaluations was a site called Satellite Direct. But, some of the others, didn't fair to badly either. Below you will find our evaluations for the top five movie download services on the web.

Our recommendations are clearly laid out, but if you do need help choosing the site that's right for you, don't hesitate to email me ( I don't mind giving fellow movie downloaders a helping hand.

To Getting Your Favorite Show the Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive Way,

Rob Jensen


The Movie Downloads - #1 Rated TV and Movie Download Site

Movie/TV Downloads
Quality of Downloads
Ease of Use
Overall Rating

#1 Rated Movie Download Site for The clear winner from our evaluations was Satellite Direct. This one site had more content, included more extras, and simply worked better than any other service we tested.

When you sign up for Satellite Direct you will be provided with their very simple-to-use software. SatelliteDirect™'s software technology taps into more than 3,500 TV channels worldwide right over the Internet.

Movies, TV shows, music could be downloaded, and all of it is included in one low membership fee. All of the content you download is high quality and can quite easily be burned to watch on your TV if you want to.

For the simplest software, most movie content, and highest quality content, we are giving The Movie Downloads the award.

Adware Award 2009

 Update: I've just learned that Satellite Direct had reduced their Package (the best one they sell) to $49.95. I have been told that this is a limited-time offer and that soon the package will go back to it's original price of $149.95. 

In Summary: Everyone who used this one in their tests agreed: Satellite Direct is simply the best Movie and TV download service out there. They provided more content and better content than any other service we tried. With that we are giving top spot to this particular service. 

Easy Movie Acess

Movie/TV Downloads
Quality of Downloads
Ease of Use
Overall Rating


Highly Recommended

2. Imovies Club

In second place, we have a service called Imovies Club. This one actually performed quite respectably, and the software was very easy to use. I would say that the content of Imovies Club is comparable to that of our winner. Where this one lost its points from was with searches for the latest movies. Imovies Club didn't have as many videos as Satellie Direct did, and a few of the ones we did find weren't the best quality. Overall though, this one didn't perform badly at all. We found the Movies, TV Shows, and Music that we wanted, and it wasn't difficult to use at all. Pricing is comparable to that of our top pick, and there are a few extras with the software as well. This one would be my second choice in movie download sites.

Fast TV Downloads

Movie/TV Downloads
Quality of Downloads
Ease of Use
Overall Rating

Also Recommended

3. Movies Capital 

Taking third spot is a site called Movies Capital. All in all this one didn't perform badly. I might even recommend it if your main objective was to find TV shows (this one had a lot). For movie downloads though, and for other content this one didn't have as many as our first two did. We also had a few problems with the quality of the downloads. 

Movies Capital did provide excellent software with many decent bonuses.

Since the main purpose of our evaluations was to find services that provided the best movies, and not the best bonuses, we are putting Movies Capital in third spot. If you're looking for the best download sites, the first two on our list will be a better choice.

Watch TV Direct

Rating 6.9/10
Movie/TV Downloads
Quality of Downloads
Ease of Use
Overall Rating


Also Recommended

4. iSatellite Link

Taking fourth spot was a site called iSatellite Link. This one had fewer movies than the others on our list but it gets fourth spot for another reason. This one had more additional content. If you're looking for TV shows, video games, or software, iSatellite Link is an excellent tool to get you started. Their software is easy enough to use. Membership doesn't have the same bonus's as the others that we evaluated, but given that there was less movies, the DVD tools wouldn't likely be needed anyway. With the movies that we did find with this service we had some quality problems. They were viewable, but too many of them were of poorer quality than the first three sites we listed here. iSatellite Link gets fourth spot, and for most users our top two will make much better choices.
Click Here to iSatellite Link

Shared Movie Downloads

Movie/TV Downloads
Quality of Downloads
Ease of Use
Overall Rating


Also Recommended

5. Full Movies

The last site on our list is called Full Movies. This one did make our top five. Given that, we are putting it in the also recommended category.

For most people though this one won't be the right choice. If your intention was to find music downloads, then this is a decent choice. For movies and TV though there simply wasn't enough content.

Worse than that, half the content we did find was not the quality needed to burn a DVD. Full Movies makes our top five because it did have some decent content. For almost anyone who made it this far though - choose the first two before you fork out the money for this one.

Click Here to Get Full Movies

Where to go from here? Use the link below to to start watching movies with our top pick, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

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