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Jen Anderson (Personal Private Investigator)
Works to Help Those who Suspect their Partner of Cheating

I know what it takes to find someone when I'm handed only a phone number, and I know what makes a good Reverse Phone Detective. In my own line of work, phone detectives aren't the only method I use, but I do use them on a daily basis, and separating the good ones from the poor ones can make all the difference in finding out who someone is from just a call. 

As a private investigator I work everyday to help people catch their cheating spouses. One tool that I often use, and that I recommend to my clients as well, is a reverse phone detective. These simple systems allow you to find a name (and often an address) by simply typing in a cell phone or home phone number. 

When you begin to look at these services there is one thing you will find: There is a huge range in quality when it comes to the reverse phone detective market. 

Some systems have the most up-to-date databases, with huge lists that include millions of cell phone numbers. Other's won't even be able to find a number that's been listed for the past five years. With that, let's just start by talking about what a reverse phone detective is and is not. 

First, a  reverse phone detective is NOT the definitive solution to finding people. Although the good systems will have a huge database, they only work by phone number so they will only work to find people whose number you already have.

Second, NOT everyone will need a reverse phone detective. If the number you're searching for is a land line, you can likely find the name by using your phone companies web site (at least try it first). 

Third, a Reverse Phone Detective is an excellent way to find out who has been calling. They can help you find out that cheating spouse, catch that prank caller, or simply find out who someone is before you answer.

Fourth,if you don't take the time to choose the best phone detective, not only are you wasting your money, but you might end up with bad information. An old database can give you the wrong name, the wrong address, and suddenly you're worse off than when you started!

Since I recommend them to my clients on a regular basis I, along with some friends, took the time to evaluate the top reverse phone detectives available today. We based our evaluations on the following criteria. 

  • Ability to Find Numbers - Obviously our main criteria was on how many numbers the phone detective could recognize overall. 
  • Cell Phone Numbers - How many cellular numbers could the detective find? These generally aren't listed so only the best databases will find all of them. 
  • Toll Free Numbers -  Could the system give us information on 1-800 numbers that called us?
  • Land Line Numbers -  Was it able to provide information on land lines? Even those that weren't listed?
  • Amount of Information -  How much information could we get with a single search?
  • Up to Date - How current was the data gathered from all the above searches?
  • Overall Rating - Based on all of the other criteria we gave each system an overall rating.
    Testing the systems wasn't difficult. To accomplish it we simply signed up for all of them, and the grabbed some phone bills, some cell and toll free numbers that we had written down, and started searching. Below you will find our results for the top five reverse phone detectives.

    Our recommendations are well laid out, but if you do need help please feel free to email me ( I have no problem helping you with any questions you may have.

    To Finding People the Easy Way,

    Jen Anderson


    Reverse Phone Detective

    Reverse Detective
    Cell Numbers
    Up-to-Date Data
    Overall Rating

    #1 Rated Reverse Phone Detective for The clear winner from our evaluations is a site called Phone Number Scan. This one site found more numbers, was more current, and provided a better data set with a single search than any other site we reviewed.

    Phone Number Scan is the simplest to use of all of the tools tested and the data you are given is accurate. We worked to find cell numbers, toll free numbers, and land lines. In all searches we were provided with up-to-date information on the owners of those phones.

    It makes sense that this one is the top pick. This company was the first phone detective directory out there, and they have worked hard to keep their information current. They are also the creators of Public Records Pro (a system that allows for searches of birth, death, marriage records, etc) which gives them even more data to pull from.

    When compared to the others on our list Phone Number Scan was the best service out there. We are making it our top pick.

    Adware Award 2009

     Update: I've just been told that Phone Number Scan has reduced their yearly membership fee to only $39.95. At that price this one is a steal. I was also told that this is a limited-time offer and that the price will soon jump back up to $69.95. 

    In Summary: Out of all of the services tested, Phone Number scan worked the best. It found more numbers, provided more information on those numbers, and was more up-to-date than any of the others. This one is our top pick and is highly recommended to anyone looking for this type of service. 

    Reverse Mobile

    Reverse Detective
    Cell Numbers
    Up-to-Date Data
    Overall Rating


    Highly Recommended

    2. Reverse Mobile

    In second place we have a service called Reverse Mobile. This one performed almost as well as Phone Number Scan, but it didn't perform quite as well with the cell numbers or toll free numbers. Also, we had a few searches that provided out-dated information. 

    When you use Reverse Mobile, you are presented with a decent data set for each search. Most searches provided a name, a location, and some even gave us an exact address. Out of a few hundred numbers searched there were really only a few that didn't have data. 

    Having said that, since Phone Number Scan out-classed this one, Reverse Mobile takes a solid second place.

    All in all reverse Mobile did perform well and takes second place as highly recommended. Since the cost is the same as our winner though, most people will be better off with our top pick.

    Cell Phone Registry

    Reverse Detective
    Cell Numbers
    Up-to-Date Data
    Overall Rating

    Also Recommended

    3. Cell Phone Registry

    Taking third place is Cell Phone Registry. This one actually performed fairly well for numbers searched in the US. The problem is that our top two were also able to find cell numbers and toll free numbers in Canada and Mexico. 

    If you need a decent US-only search service you may want to choose this one. They provide an okay data set, their database is up-to-date, and they were able to provide data on most of the cell numbers we searched. 

    Having said that - both of the top two on our list outperformed Cell Phone Registry, and the cost is the same. 

    For most users, our top pick is a better choice. The data was more up-to-date and Phone Number Scan found more numbers. 

    Reverse Detective
    Cell Numbers
    Up-to-Date Data
    Overall Rating


    Also Recommended

    4. Reverse Phone Check

    Taking fourth place is Reverse Phone Check. With this one don't let the name fool you, it was also able to find numbers in Canada, one of the Mexican numbers we punched in, and in general it performed well. 

    Where this one fails a bit is with cell numbers. Out of 200 numbers searched (100 of which were cell numbers) Reverse Phone Check was only able to provide real data on about half of the cell phone numbers. Of the ones that it did find, it didn't provide as much information on the users of those cells. 

    Reverse Phone Check is fairly new to the market. Given that, their database is done quite well, and hopefully they will improve over time. With the top two products on our list doing much better though, we had to put this one in fourth place.

    Click Here for Reverse Phone Check

    Reverse Detective
    Cell Numbers
    Up-to-Date Data
    Overall Rating


    Also Recommended

    5.Phone Registry

    The last reverse phone lookup service that we are covering is called Phone Registry. If you were looking for a land-line only lookup service this one might make a good choice. For everything else though, any of the other four products on our list did better. 

    Phone Registry was able to provide good data for land lines. With cell numbers, toll free numbers, or name searches the same wasn't true. About half of our searches provided us with outdated data, and many of them yielded no results at all. 

    This one did out-perform some of the other services we tested, so it is in the top five. With four other services that have this one beat, it wouldn't be my first choice.

    Click Here for the Phone Registry

    Where to go from here? Use the link below to to start searching numbers with our top pick, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

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