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John Ronald (Super Affiliate)
Made his first million as an affiliate before he even left high school

As someone who has been around the world of affiliate marketing for close to 6 years now, I know what it takes to make money online. I started my affiliate business when I was just 15, and now at 21, I am a self-made millionaire. I know what it is that makes a good affiliate program that can teach other's how to make money online. 

When people find out what I do, I get a constant barrage of questions about how they can get in on the game too. I'm not stingy with my answers. I have no problem helping others. But, with so many different affiliate programs out there, which one do I recommend? Obviously I don't have time to teach everyone else how to make money online, but there are many packages that can teach you how to make money as an affiliate marketer. 

Most people need to start somewhere and a learning package, that teaches you how to get started, is the best solution. The problem is, with such a wide range in quality with these programs, choosing one that actually works becomes difficult. To start let's just talk about what an affiliate marketing training program is and is not.

First, a package, that teaches you how to make money online as an affiliate, is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Many of these sites shout it out loudly that you will be making fifty grand per month in just two months. Although it's possible, it's also highly unlikely; so don't go into this looking to get rich tomorrow.

Second, NOT everyone needs an affiliate marketing training package. If you already own a web site that gets 3 to 5 thousand visitors a day then you can just sign up for one of the affiliate networks and start advertising products. 

Third, affiliate marketing IS an excellent way to make money without ever having to worry about product, inventory, or logistics. An affiliate learning package will teach you how to get started with your online business and if you learn it well it really can teach you how to leave that day-job behind

Fourth,if you don't take the time to choose the right learning package then you're never going to make anything anyway. These markets are constantly changing and you need to choose a program that fits with today. Doing anything else will just be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

To help you out I, along with a few newer marketers, worked to evaluate top-four affiliate training programs on the Internet today. We based our evaluations on the following criteria. 

  • Affiliate Money - Obviously our main goal with any affiliate program is to make money. The main criteria we used was how much money we could make with the program in a one month period. 
  • Complexity - We want our affiliate programs to be simple to implement. Those that required high levels of technical knowledge ranked much lower. 
  • How-to Advice - From the last criteria we ranked programs that walked us step-by-step through the process of earning money online much higher than those that didn't. 
  • Completeness - If the program recommended things like AdWords, did it actually teach how to setup the AdWords account?
  • Ease of Learning and Time to Implement - A good affiliate program should be simple to learn and take only a short amount of time to get running. Most people starting out with affiliate marketing can deal with an hour a day, and a good program shouldn't take longer than that to implement or monitor.
  • Ease of Use - All of the above criteria were grouped into the rating ease-of-use. We want our affiliate programs to be so easy that even an idiot could make money with them
  • Cost Involved - The best affiliate programs teach you how to make money without putting a bunch of your own money on the line. The programs that made our top five only required a web site (less than $20), and one didn't even require that. 
  • Overall Rating - From all of the criteria we gave each program an overall rating. 
To evaluate each affiliate marketing training package we took each program and implemented the strategies that it taught. To ensure fair testing I didn't just test them myself. I tested each one, and also gave the program to a relative newcomer to test as well.

Results were gauged by both my ability to make money with the program, and one of my friends ability to make money with it (a good learning package should teach both experienced affiliates and newcomers how to makes cash). We tested each program for a full month after implementing the ideas we were learned.

Below you will find our results for the top four affiliate programs available right now. The clear winner was Free Site Signup, but the others on our list didn't do too badly. All of the top four worked to create income. If you need any help selecting the right package to start with please feel free to email me (

Also be sure to contact me (email above) once you are making money as an affiliate marketer. Selling online has made me a pile of money, and I love to hear from others who are also working to improve their lifestyle.

To Making Money the Easy Way,

John Ronald


Affiliate Money
Ease of Learning
Ease of Use
Overall Rating

#1 Rated Affiliate Program

The key to success with this system is that instead of just getting an ebook with a lot of theory, you get a turn-key Money Making Affiliate Website that is already set up for you and ready to make you money.

This company does it all for you, and with this system, you could be making money in hours.

The way the system is set up, the company builds your website for you, uploads it, submits it to the search engines, and more. All you need to do is fill out your name and email on the home page, click submit, and then get a hosting account so that the website can be uploaded.

The Money Making Affiliate Website works for anyone who has at least the basic knowledge of English and is best for people who are affiliate marketing beginners and still want to have the benefits of having an additional passive income.

This was the only company that answered my emails in 30 minutes or less. The Money Making Website provides TWO TIMES the income of its closest competitor. which is CRITICAL for anyone getting started online.

It also comes with an 1-year money back guarantee.

Adware Award 2009

Update: There is now a promotion running on the site, that includes $375 in free marketing credits and a $100 instant credit.

In Summary: Quick and easy setup, designed for complete affiliate marketing beginners, free bonuses, and average income from $300 to $10,000 per month - our #1 pick.

Blogging to the Bank

Affiliate Money
Ease of Learning
Ease of Use
Overall Rating


Highly Recommended

2. Blogging to the Bank 3.0

In second place we have Rob Benwell's blogging to the bank. Now this one has been around for a while, but it has been updated over time and it's still one of the best money-making programs out there. Really, I would have been surprised if Rob's program hadn't made our top four. 

Like the the name suggests Blogging to the Bank teaches you how to make affiliate sales with a blog. It walks you through step-by-step with the eBooks included, and it even includes some ready-made sites to get you started. 

I don't really have anything bad to say about this program. The only reason it didn't make the top spot was because it didn't make us as much money in the first month as Maverick Money Makers. 

Since the program uses a blog as your main income builder it took a little longer to build traffic and make money with the program. Even with that though, both me and the friend who tried this one were making money in the first month, and over time I would expect that the income would grow.

Blogging to the Bank 3.0 suggests many different ways to build traffic quickly and as such, it will have you earning income in a short period of time.

Affiliate Prophet

Affiliate Money
Ease of Learning
Ease of Use
Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

3. Affiliate Prophet

Taking third place, but also being highly recommended, is Affiliate Prophet. This program is a little different than the first two as it concentrates mostly on building an income with Ad campaigns; but it still performed well. 

When you sign up for Affiliate Prophet you get their software program and complete instructions on how to use it. The focus of this one is mostly on finding profitable markets and then capitalizing on them by using the software to choose the right keywords for your ad campaigns. 

The only problem I had with this one (that kept it out of the top spots) was that it was more difficult to learn. The program is an excellent income builder for those who are already familiar with affiliate marketing and PPC programs. For newcomers though, you're likely better to start with one of our top picks and then add this to your business later. 

My friend who used this one did need a little help from me to get things started. In the end though we both made money with the program and I am definitely recommending it to experienced affiliates.

Legit Online Jobs

Affiliate Money
Ease of Learning
Ease of Use
Overall Rating


Also Recommended

4. Legit Online Jobs

Taking fourth place we have a program called Legit Online Jobs. This one focuses mostly on spreading ads across the Internet and using affiliate links to make money with those ads. 

The program itself worked well, but I found that the focus could have been better. This one was a bit more difficult to learn and in the month we tested it, it didn't make us as much money as the first three on our list did. 

Having said that, both me and the friend who used this one did make some extra cash using the ideas that were taught. The only problem was that it took more time to get started. 

Legit Online Jobs  took a few hours a day to really start building an income.  As such, I would recommend the first two products on our list first. You can always come back to this one and begin making some extra cash once you're earning a full-time income with Maverick Money Makers or Blogging to the Bank.

Click Here to go Legit

Where to go from here? Use the link below to to start making money with our top pick, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

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