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Green Energy FAQ

What is green energy?

Green energy is power that is produced using alternative methods of production to those which are traditionally used. The main energy solutions that this site covers (and the guides we review cover) are solar energy and wind energy. On our site you'll find the top five do-it-yourself guides to solar and wind power.

What is solar energy?

At any given time the sun shines down at a rate of about 1000Watts per square meter. Using solar energy means harnessing that power and turning it into usable energy for your home. This is done using solar cells which produce power when the sun shines on their special conductors.

How much power can a single solar panel produce?

This question is difficult to answer. A single solar panel may be built to produce any where from 50 Watts to 1000 Watts or more. With the alternative energy guides that we cover, and especially our top pick, the designs are meant to be flexible enough for you to build solar panel(s) to suit your energy needs.

What is wind energy?

Wind energy is power that is captured by harnessing the power of the wind. This is usually accomplished by making use of wind generators. A wind turbine captures the wind's energy using turbine blades, and the rotational force is then transferred to the generator to produce renewable, green, energy.

How much power can a wind turbine produce?

Again this question is difficult to answer. A small wind turbine may be rated at 450Watts, while larger turbines can produce as much as 100Kilo-watts of power. With a turbine that you build yourself, power production will depend on what you choose as a wind generator.

Is it really possible to build your own alternative energy solution?

Yes. In fact with the # 1 guide to alternative energy, it's easy. A solar panel may be built in as little as 1/2 hour, and a wind turbine project can easily be completed in under an hour.

How much will it cost me to build a solar panel?

The cost of the solar panel will largely depend on the parts you choose when you begin. It's possible to build a solar panel for $20 if you source the parts right. For most people, using new solar cells instead of chipped cells, the cost will be under $100 to build your average 100 Watt panel.

How much will it cost to build a wind turbine?

The cost of your turbine will largely be determined by the wind generator that you choose. Generally a DC motor that will produce 500Watts of power can be found for $30 or less, and the total cost of the turbine may be as little as $60 if you follow the top guide to alternative energy.

What is the cost to convert an entire home to alternative energy?

It's quite difficult to answer this question. If you read the top guide to alternative energy, Green Power Easy, the guide comes with an additional guide that will help you determine the actual requirements to convert your whole home.




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