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Grow Taller FAQ

Is it really possible to grow taller as an adult?

Yes, using the methods taught in the top five grow tall guides, you can expect to gain anywhere from 1 to 6 inches. For some this will be an actual growth spurt. For others it's height gained by correcting the issues that are keeping them short in the first place.

How much height can I expect to gain by using one of the guides you recommend?

This depends on too many factors to answer correctly. We can say that the average height gain from our tests, when we reviewed the guides, was about 3 1/2". The smallest gain we saw was 1 1/2", and the largest was close to 6"!

The only way to definitively answer that question is to get the #1 guide to grow taller, and give it a try. The guide comes with an 8 week guarantee; so if you don't see any height gains you can get your money back.

I read an article about human growth hormone (HGH), does that work?

Human growth hormone is the hormone that helps you grow as a child. There is no evidence to support the idea that it can help an adult grow, that it can reduce aging, or that it can have any other beneficial effects. In fact there is evidence to support the opposite in both cases.

If you are interested in gaining a little height, we do suggest you stick with the natural adult growth guides and stay away from untested (and quite possibly harmful) hormones.

What is HGH deficiency, and how can I solve it?

HGH deficiency occurs when a child has a deficiency in human growth hormone. This can prevent them from reaching their full height potential, and if caught early enough it can be reversed. However, in adults with HGH deficiency, adding in the hormone will not trigger a growth spurt.

The real methods to correct height issues are proper diet, exercise, and posture. All of which are taught in our top 5 guides to grow taller.

Does the top guide on your review page recommend just one method to gain height?

No there are several methods to help you gain height. Many of the top guides work to correct your posture (bad posture alone can keep you three to four inches shorter than you should be). They also suggest diet, stretching exercises, and other methods to help you gain height.

What methods should I use to gain a few inches at age <insert age here>?

Our suggestion is that you read through the top guide to gaining height, and use all of the methods suggested. When you combine more than one method you're likely to see a large increase in height.

What causes someone to stop growing?

When you reach adulthood the bone plates that triggered growth throughout childhood stop you from growing. For most this happens in their teens, but it can happen as late as the early to mid-twenties.

Even after your bone plates have stopped growing, you can still gain height. If you read our top guide, you'll see gains from 2" to 6" and usually within only a few weeks.

Is it possible to restart actual bone growth after becoming an adult?

No, but it is possible to correct posture, stretch your bones and muscles, and in turn gain height.

How long should I expect it to take before I start seeing results from the grow tall methods recommended in your top guide?

Most who used our top guide to gaining height began to see results within the first week. Having said that, with some of the methods the guide teaches you'll see results immediately. After 3 - 4 weeks with the #1 guide to grow taller you should begin to see permanent height gains.

Is the #1 Guide guaranteed to work?

All of the top five guides come with a guarantee. Our #1 Pick has an 8-week, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you are height challenged, we do suggest you take the time to download the #1 grow-tall guide, and try it for yourself. With their guarantee, the purchase is a no-risk buy!

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