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Jenna Annopolis (Natural Health Expert)

As a natural health consultant, I know what makes a hemorrhoid cure that works, and I know what separates the good natural health guides from the bad ones. With the right methods, you can cure hemorrhoids quickly, naturally, and permanently.

As a natural health consultant, one question I am asked daily is what does it take to cure hemorrhoids for good? The question itself isn't hard to answer. All it takes is the right natural health guide for hemorrhoid cures. I have found that the natural way is safer, more effective, and a better solution than harsh creams or suppositories (most of which don't work anyway). The problem is that with so many of them out there, choosing the right guide can be difficult.

With that, let's first cover what a good natural hemorrhoid cure is and is not.

First, a guide that teaches natural hemorrhoid cures is NOT the only thing you need to cure hemorrhoids. You also need to take the time to learn what these guides teach and then implement them in your own life. If you do this, you can start seeing a difference in a very short time.

Second, NOT everyone needs a hemorrhoid cure. If you aren't sure what hemorrhoids are, and can't properly diagnose the problem in the first place, then you may be trying to cure something you don't have anyway. A natural cure is best suited for those who have suffered hemorrhoids either more than once, or for a prolonged period of time (more than a few weeks).

Third, a Natural Hemorrhoid Cure IS a great way to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and permanently. Better yet, with a holistic cure you won't suffer the same side effects that many Hemorrhoid medications can have. Some hemorrhoid medications are actually quite scary when you look further into what you are putting on your body. A guide to curing them naturally takes the scary out of the cure!

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the right natural hemorrhoid cure you're likely just wasting your money anyway. Worse than that, if you get bad advice your natural cure might just make you ill! Choosing the right guide to curing hemorrhoids naturally is the most important part to your success.

To help answer this question fully, we, along with a group of hemorrhoid sufferers, took the time to test the top hemorrhoid cures on the market today. We rated each guide on the following aspects:

  • Natural Cure - One of our largest factors in rating the guides that we evaluated was that they were actually natural cures. With some of the guides we tested, they were marketed as natural; but the treatments they suggested weren't natural at all. Higher ratings were given to guides that were all-natural in their treatment methods.
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment - Obviously our next criteria was could the methods suggested actually cure hemorrhoids. We actually found a large range in effectiveness across all of the guides we evaluated.
  • Speed of Treatment - From our last point, for those that could cure hemorrhoids, how quickly did it work? Higher ratings were given to the guides that taught how to cure hemorrhoids quickly.
  • Permanent Cure - Next, we rated each guide on how long the cure lasted. We were looking for hemorrhoid cures, and higher ratings were given to guides that taught us how to cure them and not just treat the sores temporarily.
  • Safety of Treatment - Were the methods taught safe? This was actually a large factor in our ratings as we found a few guides that weren't safe at all (these didn't make it anywhere near the top three).
  • Value for the Money - Finally, we rated each hemorrhoid cure based on value. With some of the guides we tested costing as much as $200, we wanted to ensure that we got our money's worth. Luckily the top three guides didn't cost anywhere near that number.
  • Overall Rating - From all of the factors we rated each cure on, we gave each one an overall rating.

To evaluate each guide, we tested them over a three week period of time and then revisited the results a month later and two months later to ensure that the cure was permanent. The guides were first evaluated for safety by myself, and once deemed safe they were given to a group of hemorrhoid sufferers to test them.

Below you will find our evaluations for the top 3 natural hemorrhoid cures. The guide H Miracle clearly won out over the rest, but the others on the list performed to a good level as well.

If you need any help choosing the hemorrhoid cure that's right for you, please feel free to email me ( Although our recommendations are clearly laid out below, I have no problem helping those who are having trouble choosing.

To Curing Hemorrhoids Naturally and Permanently,

Jenna Annopolis


H Miracle

Rating 9.9/10
Hemorrhoid Cure
Speed of Cure
Permanent Cure
Overall Rating

#1 Rated Hemorrhoid Cure for

The clear winner from our evaluations was a guide called H Miracle. Written by former hemorrhoid sufferer and remedy researcher, Holly Haden, this one guide provided relief faster and longer than any other guide we tested. In fact, for those who tested this guide their hemorrhoids were cured completely and there was no repeats of sores or suffering.

H Miracle walks you through the reasons why mainstream hemorrhoid treatments don't work for most people, and the goes on to teach you how to cure your hemorrhoids naturally and effectively. Holly Haden's guide is clearly written, easy to understand, and was the most effective hemorrhoid treatment we found.

On the value side of things, the guide comes as a downloadable eBook (you can be working to cure your hemorrhoids ten minutes from now) and it includes many supplemental guides that we felt added REAL value to the package.

With H Miracle most of our testers were rid of their piles in just days. More importantly though, the sores never came back which makes H Miracle the only cure we tested that was permanent for everyone who used it.

For a cure that actually works, and excellent value for the price we are giving H Miracle the award for being the best hemorrhoid treatment available:

Adware Award 2009

 Update: Right now H Miracle is being sold for the discounted price of just $37. We have been told that this is a limited-time offer, and that the price will soon shoot back up to it's original $70 price tag. At the discounted price this one really is too good to pass up, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of this offer now.

In Summary: For a hemorrhoid cure that was both fast and permanent, H Miracle is our top pick to cure hemorrhoids. Most of our testers were relieved of their piles within just a few days, and none of them had reoccurring sores.

Rating 9.1/10
Hemorrhoid Cure
Speed of Cure
Permanent Cure
Overall Rating


Highly Recommended

2. Destroy Hemorrhoids

In second place we have a hemorrhoid treatment called, somewhat appropriately, Destroy Hemorrhoids. Out of all the guides we tested this one did work well and is taking a solid second place.

The Destroy Hemorrhoids eBook provides a three step system to treating hemorrhoids now, and comes with a second guide "Hemorrhoid Nutrition" that suggests slight adjustments to your diet to keep those sores at bay.

In our tests, all sufferers were cure quickly, and for most the cure was permanent. However, a couple of those who used this guide did have reoccurring sores before our tests were through which puts Destroy Hemorrhoids in second place as highly recommended.

If for some reason the methods suggested in our top choice didn't work for you (they worked for all who tested the guide with us), this one may be a decent alternative.

Rating 8.0/10
Hemorrhoid Cure
Speed of Cure
Permanent Cure
Overall Rating


Also Recommended

3. Hemorrhoid No More

The last guide to make it into our top three is a guide called Defeat Hemorrhoids. This one performed very well in our tests, however there is a couple of reasons it ended up in third place.

For most who tried this guide, Defeat Hemorrhoids, provided a fast and effective cure. For a few though, the time frame that it took to get that cure took too long, and for one tester the system didn't work at all. When it did cure hemorrhoids, the cure was permanent, but with it only working for 90% of testers, this one gets put into third place.

Overall this guide provides excellent value, it provided a (somewhat) fast and effective cure, and it rated highly compared to the many other guides we tested. However, for most people our top choice will work better.

Where to go from here? Use the link below to cure your hemorrhoids with our top pick, and please feel free to contact me (email above)if you have any questions.  

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