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Rebecca Moore (Spyware Expert)
Victim of Identity Fraud Dedicated to Helping Others

Four years ago I became a victim of identity fraud. Spyware, on my PC, sent a criminal all of my personal information. He used the information to wreak havoc on my financial life. Since that time, I have made it my job to help other's avoid what I went through. Spyware can send your credit card information, your personal info, and even the words you type into the hands of criminals.

When I first dedicated myself to learning everything I could about Spyware I found one thing that surprised me. Not all Spyware removers are created equal. Some programs miss the most risky Spyware. Others don't stay up-to-date to protect against the newest spy-like programs. The other thing I found was that too many people don't understand how important keeping a computer free of Spyware is.

Spyware cleverly installs itself on a computer and relays sensitive information about you (and/or your computer) without your permission or your  knowledge. It can steal login details, credit card data, enough info to access your credit rating, and other information that should be private. Spyware is the number one threat to your personal computer. An estimated 90% of computers are infected. With so many Spyware tools out there, let's cover what a Spyware remover is and is not. 

First, a Spyware Remover is NOT a tool to keep your computer free of all viruses. Although some Spyware could be classified as a virus, this isn't always the case. Computer viruses and Spyware fall into different categories and you do need separate tools to protect against them both. 

Second, a Spyware scanner is NOT a comprehensive solution to identity theft. It is, however, the best way to protect criminals from getting your information off of a computer (70% of identity theft is actually a result of personal information left lying around - like credit card statements in the trash). 

Third, a Spyware remover IS the best way to secure your PC against malicious programs that are meant to steal your data. Without one, not only is your personal information at risk, but a badly infected PC will run slower, experience serious errors, and can crash or completely break down without notice. A proper Spyware remover gives you a comprehensive scanner that corrects these problems and protects against them in the future. 

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the best tool then your computer won't be secure. Remember Spyware is the number one threat to your PC, and even if you've never connected that computer to the Internet, some Spyware comes from store-bought software, or even pre-installed on a computer that you just purchased. Spyware can include dialers that will connect and send information automatically. You need to take the time to choose the best solution to protect you and your information!

Along with a few of the people who helped me to learn everything that I know about Spyware, we took the time to evaluate the five best tools on the market. We rated the Spyware removers based on the following criteria:

  • Worked to remove Spyware. In this case we aren't just talking about removing basic Spyware. An effective Spyware tool should also work to:
    • Remove trojans before they spread or cause damage
    • Get rid worms that can spread across networks
    • Correct and prevent browser hijacking
    • Protect against, and remove, root kits
    • Stop dialers that are already installed on a system from sending anything
    • Remove Adware and work to stop pop-up ads
    • Remove malware on a PC. All malware isn't Spyware, but a good tool should remove it all
    • Prevent and stop keylogging tools from running on a computer
    • Delete tracking cookies before they are able to send information 

  • Corrected errors caused by Spyware that had been running on the PC
  • Ease-of-use- Even the least technical user should be able to scan their computer
  • Flexibility - Powerful enough to allow flexibility for power-users
  • Updated regularly - The highest-rated tools on our list were updated at least once per week. 
  • Worked on multiple computers - We tested each tool on three computers. We had a desktop running Windows 7, a laptop with Windows XP, and a MAC that had Windows installed. 
  • Provided support when we asked questions of the company 
  • Overall rating based on all of the above factors

To setup our tests we took the PC's we would be using and infected them with every type of Spyware we could find. All three computers had dialers, trojans, worms, and were becoming increasing slow from all of the Spyware running in the background. We then set a restore point, to ensure we tested all programs under the same conditions, and began our tests. 

To follow, you will find the results of our testing for the top-five Spyware removers. The clear winner of our tests was No Adware, but the other four on our list didn't fair too badly either. 

The five tools listed below are those that met our criteria better than any other program we tested. These Spyware removers include the most comprehensive, and easiest-to-use, tools on the market today. If you do need help with them though, please feel free to email me (info@trustedreviewweb.com). 

After you get your PC free of Spyware, be sure to email me (address above) and let me know. I do enjoy hearing from people who actively work to protect their PC's and their own identities. 

To Keeping You Personal Information Safe, 

Rebecca Moore


XoftSpySE - Spyware Remover Screen

Ease of Use
Spyware Removal
Customer Support
Overall Rating

#1 Rated Spyware Remover for Out of all of the Spyware removers we tested, one program came out on top for all of our criteria. The software is NoAdware, and although it's a newer solution on the market, it is the best solution we found for protecting against Spyware.

NoAdware is the most comprehensive solution for Spyware, Adware, malware, and keeping your data safe.

In our tests NoAdware scanned faster, caught more errors, and removed more Spyware than any of the other programs we tested. It even quarantined a few viruses that weren't considered to be Spyware (we installed these on purpose to see if the tools we tested would catch them).

The program updated to the latest Spyware definitions immediately upon installing it, and it also updated once more in the couple days that we ran this program. It was clear that this company is working hard to keep their tool up-to-date.

The first time you run the software, it will walk you through the steps to protecting your PC, and advanced users will enjoy the complete customizability that comes with this one.

All three of the PC's we ran this tool on were completely cleared of the malware that we had installed. We also experienced a speed increase after errors were corrected and Spyware was removed.

When we decided it was time to contact customer support, we found a huge list of online FAQ's and other documentation. They also have a live-chat system to get your questions answered immediately.

For top-class support, and a top-notch Spyware remover, we are giving this one the award for being #1

Adware Award 2009

 Update: No Adware is currently being offered for $47 for a single license, and $67 for two licenses. That's $20-$60 off the regular price. I've been told that this offer won't last long, and that soon the price will jump back up to $89 per license. You should take advantage of this limited-time offer while it lasts!

In Summary: Out of every tool tested NoAdware rated higher in every category. The tool performed better, was updated more often, and had better customer support than any other program on our list.


Ease of Use
Spyware Removal
Customer Support
Overall Rating


Highly Recommended

2. XoftSpySE

In second place we have a program called XoftSpySE. This one did an excellent job in removing all types of Spyware, malware, it corrected errors, and it was the second best Spyware remover we tested. 

XoftSpySE found and removed close to as many problems as our winner did. It found root kit errors, the trojans we had installed, and in general the software performed very well.

On all of our systems, the program corrected previous errors caused by Spyware/Adware, and worked to give a speed increase once the system was cleaned. Scanning the system is as simple as clicking "Start", and the software did receive a definitions update in the short time we used it. 

The only real complaint we had about this one was that the software is more difficult to change settings with than NoAdware was.

For support: They didn't have as much online documentation as our winner, but we we had our question answered immediately when we contacted their support team. 

We are giving No Adware a 9.1 rating and putting it in second place. I have no problem recommending this one as a Spyware Remover. 

AntiSpyware Adware Remover

Ease of Use
Spyware Removal
Customer Support
Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

3. AntiSpyware

The next tool on our list is AntiSpyware. This one performed fairly well for Spyware removal, but it wasn't quite as simple, and the support for this one wasn't nearly as fast as the first two products we listed. 

When we scanned our computers, as expected, all it took was a single scan to remove the Spyware from our system. The software didn't find as many problems as XoftSpySE, but it did clean the most malicious Spyware from each PC in our tests. 

One area where we found this one to be lacking was with ease-of-use. You can scan the system with a single click, but for users who want to setup the software, the options list is complicated.   

Another area where we weren't as pleased was with software support. They do have some online documentation, and they are supposed to have a live chat for support. When we used that chat system though, it took four attempts to get someone to talk to us. 

Even with the issues, the product itself performed very well and is simple enough for even the least technical user. We can still highly recommend AntiSpyware as an Spyware removal tool.

Spyware Nuker

Ease of Use
Spyware Removal
Customer Support
Overall Rating


Also Recommended

4. Spyware Nuker

In fourth place we have Spyware Nuker. This software performed as well as AntiSpyware, but It falls in fourth place because it doesn't seem to be updated as often and the customer support wasn't as good. 

On all of the PC's we tested, it did clean the system with a single scan. Spyware, tracking cookies, Adware, and some of the trojans/worms we had on our system were removed. It didn't catch quite as many trojans as the first programs on our list, but all of the major issues were corrected (the other trojans will be caught by a virus scanner). 

The major issues we had with this one were: the interface is not as easy to use, and they don't update as often as the first programs on our list. 

For support, it took a full day to get an answer to the question we sent. Compared to some companies this isn't bad, but it worked against them in our ratings. 

All in all SpywareNuker isn't a bad solution. It did perform it's job, and we are adding it to our "also recommended" list.

Click Here to order SpywareNuker

Spyware Nuker

Ease of Use
Spyware Removal
Customer Support
Overall Rating


Also Recommended

5. Spyware Cease

In fifth place we have Spyware Cease. This program actually did okay for Spyware removal. It tied out third place product for number of errors found. 

The issues we had were with support, adjustability, and updates. 

During our tests, Spyware Cease wasn't updated at all. It missed some of the newer Spyware programs on one PC so it should be assumed that updates are a problem for this one. 

The software is also harder to change settings with. There are too few options to make it very adjustable at all. 

Finally support for this program was the worst of our top five. They have very little online documentation and the only way to contact them is through a form on their web site. We did receive a response when we contacted support, but we wished we could have had some documentation to refer to beforehand.  

Since it did work well for Spyware Removal this program is also recommended. My personal choice would be one of the other's on our list though. 

Where to go from here? Use the link below to get the best Spyware remover from our testing, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

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